Tetsuro Takeuchi’s Wild Zero

Today I watched Tetsuro Takeuchi’s Wild Zero (1999)


Wild Zero stars Masashi Endo as Ace, a huge rock and roll fan on his way to see the legendary Guitar Wolf in concert.  While at the show he accidentally saves the band from the evil club owner and they thank him by making him one of their rock and roll blood brothers.  Ace continues on his journey and meets a nice lady during a gas station robbery, which he, again accidentally, breaks up.  The bizarre conglomeration of characters assembled thus far is then thrown into an irreverent zombie movie.

If you have never heard the band Guitar Wolf, this movie is a great introduction, they are like all the forms of traditional rock music rolled into one band.  The irreverence they display in their rocking sound is brought to life here with some serious gusto as the film explodes with rock and roll energy.   The film is frankly bursting apart at the seams with this energy, it has no time for logic!

They actuall do a great job of taking this unruly energy and channeling it into some great humour and wonderfully kinetic sequences.  It’s mot just rock and roll madness for madness’ sake, there is a calculating mind that has made this film a near perfect expression of rock rebellion.  Through it all there is a powerful theme of free, unbound love without any borders or gender.  So for a film from ’99 it has a remarkably progressive stance on sexuality in general.  So definitly check this one out, it will enlighten you to the glory of trash and chaos.  5/5


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