Time Travel Week 2 Day 7: Christopher Smith’s Triangle

Today I watched Christopher Smith’s Triangle (2009)


Jess is a young single mother with an autistic son who is about to go on a boat trip with a group of friends.  Her son is not with her though when she arrives for the trip and she seems rather disturbed.  Despite this they set out for their sail and have a good time until a strange distress call comes in over the radio, quickly followed by a random storm.  This storm capsizes the boat, though all our characters survive and they are in luck as a cruise liner appears right behind the storm.  This liner seems completely abandoned when they board though and Jess get’s a spooky feeling, it soon turns out that they are in some kind of time loop.

I can’t help compare this film with Timecrimes as they have quite a lot in common.  They both focus on a small cast in a small environment dealing with the horrors of accidental time travel.  But where Timecrimes proves that less can be more, this movie states that more is very much so less.  This movie is so overwrought, complete with ham fisted exposition to explain the characters.  Of course pretty much none of these characters matter, they are just victims waiting to die, perhaps more damning, they are all assholes.  Sometimes it seems like Jess has an autistic kid just so the other characters can be ableist dicks to her, that’s the extent of most of the characterization.

This film is also extremely contrived and the final twist is one of the worst I have seen in quite some time.  It just makes no sense, but to explain it I would need to spoil the film, which is fine, the film isn’t very good.  The twist is this, Jess is in a much longer time loop that the film makes us think and the distressed, child-less Jess who arrives at the docks is actually Jess from the end of the movie.  Why does this make no sense?  Well Jess in the movie never seems to know what is going to happen nor does she act like she is aware of the time loop.  If she did, it would give away the film, so she has to act like she is clueless for the totally contrived reason that we the audience need to react to the twist.

The 00’s were not a great time for horror movies, and this film is just one of many, many, awful horror flicks of the time.  It displays all the problems of horror movies during the 90’s -00’s dark age, asshole characters, awful dialogue, and the film only exists for a twist which doesn’t make any sense anyways.  After the glut of slasher sequels in the 90’s, even horror film makers seemed to forget that horror movies are still art so they degenerated into the most rote barrage of cliche.  This movie is based on one, kind of clever, idea and then beats it into the ground until it is senseless.  1/5


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