Time Travel Week 2 Day 6: Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes

Today I watched Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes (2007)


October is here so let the thrills and chills commence!  Set in the idyllic Spanish countryside, Timecrimes follows a man named Hector who is renovating his house with his wife.  He spots some odd stuff in the woods, most notably a woman undressing and decides to be a lech and get a closed look.  He sees her lying down and seemingly unconscious, when he approaches a stranger stabs him in the arm with a set of scissors.  This stranger’s face is wrapped in bloody bandages  and Hector flees to another property in the heavily wooded area.  This property actually houses a number of structures and as Hector explores he contacts the one person who seems to be around, a young scientist who goes unnamed.  This scientist has Hector hide in a large pool in a machine, when Hector comes out of the machine he finds that he has gone about an hour into the past.

While the film never explicitly states it, it really seems that when he travels time, Hector has some kind of psychotic break as his actions through much of the rest of the film are pretty unhinged.  It speaks to the effectiveness of the film’s minimalist delivery that this does not upset the flow of the narrative.  This whole film takes place in a tiny area with virtually no special effects and only a handful of characters and with that tight focus comes a very personal level of intensity.  This makes the rather bizarre actions of Hector seem much more realistic as the film, through it’s use of score and cinematography, really hammers the intensity of his experience home.

Unfortunately I can’t think of much else to say about this film.  Usually I want to write more about movies this great, but it is just so simple.  It is amazing in that simplicity though as it is still a totally crazy ride despite it.  I suppose the other thing to say about that is that the film is quite quickly paced for such a minimal story as most films that only contain a handful of locations and characters are usually slow, dialogue driven, character pieces.  So all in all, definitly check this one out, it’s a perfectly thrilling start to the horror season.  5/5


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