Matt Cimber’s Hundra

Today I watched Matt Cimber’s Hundra (1983)


Long before Xena, or even Red Sonja, there was Hundra.  She comes from a barbarian tribe of all women who live in an isolated wood far from the patriarchal empires of man.  While her people may be great warriors, isolation does not make great soldiers though and her people are quickly killed off by an army of imperialist men from the south.  As Hundra is now the last of her tribe she must follow the tradition of those who repopulate her tribe and she must travel south to find a mate to sire her a daughter.

While I compare this to other warrior woman fare, this film falls somewhere close to the bottom of that barrel.  Hundra just lacks much personality that is not defined by a rejection of men, the story does not do her any favours in this area as a mate is the subject of her quest.  The film is certainly quaint in it’s old school attempt at female power fantasy and there is some value in how corny it is, but it is the entire film and it gets so tiring by the end.

I think a big problem here is Laurene Langdoms failure to really imbue Hundra with much of a personality, she hates men, she is a barbarian, and that’s about it.  Her dog has more personality with his ability to ride and lead horses about, he is a good boy for sure.  The only real personality I got from this film came from Ennio Morricone doing his best Wagner impression on the soundtrack.  It may not be his best work, but few films can compare with Diabolik, nonetheless it is the bright spot of fun and excitement in this film.  1/5



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