Albert Pyun’s Nemesis 2: Nebula

Today I watched Albert Pyun’s Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995)


The Nemesis series tells the vaguely defined story of a vaguely defined conflict between humans and vaguely defined ‘cyborgs’ which might be androids.  The first film was what one might expect from such a flippant description, lots of action with a dense and incomprehensible plot.  While Nemesis 2’s story may be much easier to follow, it is completely bizarre as a follow up to the previous film and pretty wacky in it’s own right.

It has been many years since the Alex of the last film failed to stop the machines and now the only hope for humanity lies in a genetically altered baby.  To protect the child her and her mother are sent back to East Africa in the 80’s.  The mother is quickly killed but before she dies she gives the baby the name of her rebellious ancestor, Alex.  This new Alex is raised by a tribal community in Africa and as she comes of age we see she has grown into American bodybuilder Sue Price.  The sci-fi elements return when a robotic bounty hunter named Nebula comes back to the past to hunt Alex.

The story elements here are a real bizarre jumble, part Terminator and Predator, part Beyond Thunderdome, all low budget as hell, and just barely dodging a white savior narrative.  It is quite a strange movie to say the least, but one that is easy to follow moment to moment.  In it’s low budget oddity, I quite enjoyed this film and my only major faults lay in the actors’ performances, which are universally pretty flat.  Aside from that, it’s lurid shots of human musculature, explosions, badass action, and cheap effects, all things I can totally get behind.  4/5


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