Batman Week Day 7: Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises

Today I watched Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight and Batman has disappeared, along with much of Gotham’s organized crime.  Likewise Bruce Wayne has become a shut in who has not been seen in public in years after losing millions designing a fusion generator and then mothballing it.  Wayne was afraid that the fusion generator could be used as a bomb too easily but he had help in it’s development from businesswoman Miranda Tate who still thinks the project could be completed and wants nothing more than to deliver free energy to the world.  Wayne is finally knocked out of his state of feeling abysmally sorry for himself when Selina Kyle, the cat burglar Catwoman, steals his mother’s pearls and his fingerprints.  While all of this is putting pressure on Wayne, a new villain named Bane has arrived in Gotham and is planning something huge, something witch links him to Batman;s old teacher Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane has come to finish the League of Shadows job and destroy Gotham.

Now you may have thought that my analysis of the morality displayed in The Dark Knight and how it reflects on moder protest culture was a step into over analysis and you may very well be right, but that theme is blatantly all over this film.  Bane’s scheme is driven by rhetoric which is ripped straight from the Occupy movement and protest culture in general, now the villain really represents discontent with the status quo and our hero really represents conformity to society.  Now while I can understand someone’s frustration with the aimless petulance that came to overcome the occupy movement, protest culture only four years removed from this film is so much more focused and has returned to it’s roots of being very focused and meaningful.  So I absolutely abhor this film’s extremely conservative message, this film is against outrage even when outrage has done so much to improve life for many people, Stonewall was a riot after all.  Of course the director has hid behind the nonsense cop out answer that this is just a story and he just seeded the background with issues from the modern zeitgeist, well let me just go blue for a minute and call that some serious fucking bullshit.  If Christopher Nolan is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that films all implicitly support the morality of non antihero protagonists, then I am fucking done with his work, he is obviously an idiot savant, can put together a good image but has no idea what a theme even is.  Not only can I not stand the obviously pro-authority stance of this film, I cannot stand Nolan’s awful excuse for not understanding his own subject matter and how he is presenting it.

Now let’s talk about the more common critisizm of this film, which is the character of Bane.  Bane has some bad luck when it comes to films, in Batman and Robin he was just some roid rage thug pretty much and here he is just the goofiest, with accent absurdly muffled by his mask and his bizarrely gentlemanly delivery.  Now I actually like this version of Bane, the problem is he is silly and this movie exists in the stoic and sterile world of Christopher Nolan and this kind of scenery chewing is immediately out of place.  The problem here is that he simply doesn’t fit and frankly, I would rather watch whatever weird movie this Bane character would fit into than this one which insults me for having emotions and feeling outraged at an unjust society.  Frankly this film so insults me I would rather watch Batman and Robin again, heck I would rather watch Batman Returns again, I prefer to be bored than bored and insulted.  1/5


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