Military Sci-Fi Week


War, they say, never changes and all of our attempts to envision what war will be in the future have proven that statement correct.  For all the lazers and alien bugs doesn’t change the fact that war stories are about soldiers and about our humanity in the darkest setting we can conceive, the battlefield.


The benefit of taking age old tales of warfare and bringing them to the future is the wealth of symbolism found in futuristic military hardware and situations.  The banality of war can be expressed as a glorified bug hunt and the dehumanizing rigmarole of the battlefield becomes a literal time loop in which a soldier witnesses his comrades die again and again.


War has always been one of the most provocative elements of human existence, immortalized in countless pieces of art.  So of course when we imagine what the future may be like, it is unsurprising that we imagine new ways to kill each other.  Would you like to know more? Well then read on!


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