Lau Kar-leung and Gordon Liu Week

36 chambers.jpg

Throughout the history of cinema there are many examples of directors and actors who formed long career partnerships, creating lasting bodies of work as testament to the power of creative collaborations.  One such dynamic duo was the pair of Lau Kar-leung and Gordon Liu, both martial artists in the Chinese theatrical tradition, Lau Kau-leung is more notable for his work behind the camera as a director and choreographer, while Gordon Liu is one of the biggest Wuxia stars of the late Seventies and Eighties.


Together these two brought Wuxia cinema to new heights which helped lay the groundwork for all modern action cinema.  In many ways the cinematic techniques they used were crude, still relying heavily on the traditions of theatrical stagecraft, but they were the masters of this aesthetic, taking it to it’s ultimate limits.


Lau Kar-leung worked with many other notable stars, from Jackie Chan to Donnie Yen, but this will always be his most endearing collaboration.  Gordon Liu has come to be representative of all classic kung fu flicks in a way, largely because of this pairing.  These films have become iconic and influential across multiple mediums, from the rhymes of the Wu-Tang clan to the choreography evident in all fight scenes today.


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