Pinky Violence Week Day 4: Norifumi Suzuki’s Girl Boss Guerilla

Today I watched Norifumi Suzuki’s Girl Boss Guerilla (1972)


Miki Sugimoto plays Sachiko, the leader of a small girls only biker gang from Tokyo who have traveled to Kyoto.  They run into the local girl gang but they quickly turn the tides and it is not long before Sachiko is in charge.  Reiko Ike joins the picture as Nami, a lone wolf type who is sisters with one of the big yakuza enforcers in the area.  Together Nami and Sachiko find themselves running afoul of the larger, male dominated yakuza, who do not hesitate to muscle in on our girls’ criminal exploits.  But they aren’t going to allow some masculine thugs to push them around and they fight back with all the methods available to them.

While Worthless to Confess had a fitting sense of humour to cut it’s melodrama, this film has wild tonal changes.  It swings radically and quickly from over the top sex comedy and slapstick to intense scenes of S&M torture.  Raunchiness is definitely the unifying element in this film and it really pulls no punches with the gross out humour.  It works though, in my opinion it focuses on female characters that are disillusioned with the roles society at large wants them to play and are thus rebelling and finding their own way.

Girl Boss Guerilla moves with an intensely kinetic pace, moving between comedic set pieces and hardcore crime drama.  The film is consistently exciting and the mood whiplash only enhances the entertainment.  Of course having Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto together on screen is pure dynamite, the combination would appear many more times in other works of pink film.  This is a top quality tough girl flick with a flair for the extreme and should definitley be checked out, especially if your into retro Japanese motorcycles.  5/5


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