Pinky Violence Week


The definition of Pinky Violence is a highly debated subject but in it’s broadest sense it represents a certain expression of grindhouse cinema from the Seventies.  While their plots range from women in prison films to gangster films, they share common character tropes and content.  These films focus on sex and violence, often at the same time, and they universally follow hardcore, unapologetic bad girl protagonists.


The more comedic films can be seen as celebrations of female sexuality at it’s most raunchy while the darker and more extreme are representative of sexual conflict across society at large.  Despite the borderline pornographic sexploitation content and the lurid and bloody violence, these films represent some of the most well formed and conceived pieces of pop art in the cinematic form.



Films of this type are highly stylized and radical, featuring all forms of transgression content.  They are wildly colourful and creative at the same time and often delve into surreal levels of artifice, likely inspired by the earlier works of Seijun Suzuki.  They pushed the bounds of female driven action and with that let’s get to the films.


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