Wes Craven Week

nightmare_on_elm_street walls

Wes Craven was and is one of the most iconic names in horror and unfortunately I have to admit a lack of familiarity with his work.  With his untimely death earlier this year, I owe it to both his legacy and myself to study the works of this highly influential figure.  I imagine with a name like Wes Craven he was destined for greatness in the Horror genre.


Craven strikes me as being similar to Quentin Tarantino in terms of how he wears his influences on his sleeve.  His work in the slasher genre not only brings to mind the ur-slashers of Itallian Giallo but also the surreal ‘arthouse’ styles of Ingmar Bergman and even the overt genre deconstruction of French new wave.  Many of his films have been noted for their reality bending plots and concepts that, beyond the basic existentialism inherent in such ideas, seem to question the nature of the audience’s suspension of disbelief.  Now without further ado let us continue this endless parade of horror.



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