Takeshi koike’s Redline

Today I watched Takeshi Koike’s Redline (2009)


Redline is an anime sci-fi race movie about competitors in a no-holds-barred racing event, the titular Redline. This movie is completely ridiculous, just how ridiculous you ask? Well the race itself is held on a hostile planet ruled by cyber-fascists who unleash their entire army upon the racers. A sorceress from the planet Supergrass uses magic to deploy the racers on this hostile course and then a little over an hour in “Funky Boy” makes our acquaintance (you will have to watch and find out what that is.)

Our hero is the foot long pompadour sporting ‘Sweet J.P.’ a brash young racer with a checkered past. He is given a chance at racing in the universes most prestigious tournament, The Redline, when other racers drop out to avoid conflict with Roboworld (the previously mentioned cyber-fascists.) This movie knows that it cannot ride on it’s style alone and it takes the right amount of time to set up its characters and setting.

But really the reason you should watch this movie is because of the balls to the wall action and amazingly inspired art style. This is some of the best animation in the past decade and it is used to bring to life some very imaginative sci-fi designs. There is no end to the mayhem in this movie and it even dips its toe into a little body horror with “Funky Boy” and the technology of Roboworld. This is an all round brilliant action movie with endless imagination and fun, definitely worth your time.  5/5


3 thoughts on “Takeshi koike’s Redline

  1. Wow, this looks great. I’m curious, how much of it is ‘science’ and how much is it fantasy? You mentioned the use of magic, is that the driving force? Is the sciencey part more of a setting?

    I recently finished Cowboy Bebop and was a little disappointed that they didn’t take a more technical approach, it focused almost entirely on people, but really the entire show could’ve taken place anywhere with airplanes, instead of spaceships. Horses, even.


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