Takashi Miike Week Day 6: Visitor Q

Today in Takashi Miike week I watched Visitor Q (2001)

visitor q

Perhaps Miike’s most perverse and taboo breaking work, Visitor Q was conceived of for a series of low budget films designed to showcase the possibilities of the digital medium. It is the tale of a disturbingly messed up family and how they manage to heal themselves in perhaps one of the more provocative ways that has ever been accomplished.

This movie is not for the faint of heart, while it lacks the financial means to indulge in over the top gore it makes up for that with truly deranged behavior. If you can stomach the proceedings though, this film is a very rewarding farce. Of course sense of humour is relative but I at least find this movie uproarious. Visitor Q has one of the darkest senses of humour coupled with a madcap glee not unlike an old Warner Brothers cartoon.

As a showcase of the possibilities of early aughts digital film making this films is fascinating. Miike uses all sorts of techniques to showcase the utility of consumer cameras and uses what budget there is to show some damn creative mayhem. The technology adds a level of verisimilitude to the proceedings and adds credence to the idea that this is the worlds worst home movie.

This is one of Miike’s absolute best, a taboo breaking, mind bending assault on good taste and traditional family dynamics. It is a time capsule of early aughts independent film and an image of what was to come.  5/5


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